PokerStars Casino App Review 2021

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If you want to play at PokerStars, you’re able to make that choice between mobile apps or desktops, plus you can switch between the two.

Don’t worry about missing out on a PokerStars casino bonus code because it’s available both on computers and phones.

We think giving the PokerStars downloadable mobile app a try is well worth your time. Nowadays, it’s hard to beat the convenience of what mobility portability can offer.

And that goes double for casino games! With┬áthe PokerStars app installed, you’re able to pick up casino games whenever you feel like playing. It’s super convenient. Continue reading to see our expert thoughts about this good feature.

Download PokerStars mobile app

How to get PokerStars App

  1. Navigate to and find the option for “Mobile Casino”
  2. Select your device, either iPhone or Android, and click the appropriate button
  3. Go to the page and download the PokerStars Casino App
  4. Create an account and make your first deposit
  5. Enjoy top-quality casino games!

Mobile devices are the new thing. Superior portability and with phone processing power nowadays, you’re not really sacrificing that much in quality either.

Sure the screen is smaller but we’ve already pretty much adjusted to that as a society anyway. Casino slots or blackjack on a mobile phone is just as good on a computer, and you have the added benefit of playing whenever or where ever you’d like (as long as you’re +21 and in NJ).

Managing money via PokerStars Download App

PokerStars deposits via mobile are easier than ever now too. They have a fully functional mobile cashier and you should take advantage of it. It’s both Android and iOS compatible, so you’re not excluded based on your phone preferences. It works essentially the same as on the desktop app. To manage your money on mobile, use these steps:

  1. Sign on to your PokerStars account on your mobile device
  2. Press “Cashier”
  3. If this is your first deposit, complete the “Advanced Profile Form” under “Mobile Cashier” (otherwise, just proceed)
  4. Use your mobile or tablet to make deposits
  5. Press “Cash Out” for withdraws and follow the on-screen instructions
Downloadable PokerStars casino for mobile

PokerStars Casino games on mobile

Are the PokerStars online casino games the same quality on mobile? Most casino game providers have taken into account that people love the portability of phones.

So, they’ve taken care to optimize their games so that they’re playable on mobile. It’s rare to come across an online slot or web version of blackjack that doesn’t work great on these devices.

NetEnt, one of the big slot providers on PokerStars, always has great games that work wonderfully on mobile devices. Starburst, in the above photo, is one of their games and as you can see, you’ll end up with the same quality on mobile as you would a desktop.

The same applies to blackjack or roulette table games. Everything is done with ease and customer service in mind. So you, as an online casino player at PokerStars, are able to switch between mobile and desktop as well as the all the games on either device. Not much gets simpler!

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