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Online casinos are generally not legal across the United States, however, there are a few states that offer exceptions. New Jersey is one of the states that has a regulated online casino industry. For you, as a player, that means you’re able to play at licensed online casinos safely and without worry about being scammed. Read more about online casino legal information in NJ and Stars Casino Legal Information.

You’ve also got to consider the necessary privacy and terms that you’ll need to opt into so that you’re able to play at Stars Casino and use any Stars Casino Bonus code or promotions that they have available. In this short article, we’ll summarize all the legal stuff that you should know. We’ll do our best to give you all the important stuff, but remember that it’s also important for you to check this out for yourself. Things are subject to change and without notice. Sometimes important information goes out before we have a chance to see it and update this article.

Stars Casino is a brand of Resorts Casinos and all terms are theirs. Here’s a short run-down of some of the necessary things that you’ll need to know when opening up a Stars online casino account. Note that this is not a complete list, it’s merely full of highlights. Please read all of the relevant privacy terms in full.

Private information is, of course, necessary for online transactions but even more so in the casino industry. Should there be anything suspicious going on in your account (because they suspect dishonest play or otherwise) they will need to verify your identity. Third parties are also not allowed to play on your account. If they’re above the age of 21 and physically present in NJ, they’re completely allowed to make their own account and make deposits with their own bank information. However, they are not permitted to use your account or to play on your behalf.

This information is also needed for deposits and withdrawals. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you want your real money deposits and winnings to go to the right place, you need to submit correct and honest information. If at any time the Stars Casino by PokerStars owners suspect something strange with your banking, they are permitted to verify your identity and you may be required to disclose additional identifying information.

Confidentiality at Stars Casino

Stars Casino and its owners are committed to keeping your information safe. It is often difficult to protect against bad actors, but servers, databases, backups, firewalls, and encryption tech are all supported at this online casino. Should someone try to steal your information, they will have a very tough time breaking in with all of these safeguards in place. In the event of unforeseen malfunctions, your information is further protected by backups. Though it might be lost temporarily, it can easily be recovered. Be sure to contact support if you suspect something may have happened to your account if there is indeed a problem, a backup of your data can be checked and regular casino service will be restored to you.


The online casino operator reserves the right to contact you if it’s necessary for a legal process. To do this, they will necessarily have to check your personal information. As long as you’re playing casino games honestly and safely, there is no reason that they should have to do this. But on occasion, there are weird transactions that they need to look into; don’t make those types of transactions or allow other online casino users to play from yours. Those rules need to be respected to ensure that your private information never has to be recalled from their signup system.

Who gets your information?

Depending on the nature of a specific employee’s title and job function, it might be necessary for them to access your account to verify things. Should a transaction need to be double-checked, an individual with a relevant job function will be the one to do that. Not everyone at the company will simply be able to pull up your information, so you should not have that to fear.

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